Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Loudoun Metro Tax Advisory Committee Formed

Loudoun  Metro Tax Advisory Committee

Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
Summary of Proposed Loudoun Taxes and Alternative Scenarios

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Tax
Board-presented options: $0.10- $0.17 (8%-13.7% increase over $1.235 base rate)
Note: statutory limit of $0.125 until June 30, 2013, then increases to $0.25
Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Resolution: $0.10/$100 (8% increase over $1.235 base rate)

Problems with this proposed tax:
-Most of the western 2/3 of Loudoun is zoned AR1 or AR2, which has been declared by the Zoning Administrator and County Attorney to be commercial. The county is only allowed to exempt up to 15% of potentially impacted properties, so AR1 and AR2 will be hit by the C&I tax if this option is chosen by BOS.
-This funding proposition amounts to asking all businesses countywide to finance a shift of business development to rail station areas.
-A county-wide C&I property tax will be passed on to consumers, increasing the costs of all goods and services purchased in Loudoun County, and driving business out of Loudoun County.
-You may be told these taxes will go away eventually. The promise was made that the Dulles Toll Road tolls would go away. Instead DTR tolls will be soaring to new highs, as these taxes will in the future.

1-Mile Rail Service District
Board-presented options: $0.09- $0.20 (7.2%-16% increase over $1.235 base rate)
Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Resolution: $0.20/$100 (16% increase over $1.235 base rate)

Problems with this proposed tax:
-The 1-mile tax district will cause businesses to consider locating just outside the line, reducing the projected revenues from the tax district, while undermining the intent of transit-oriented development to consolidate in high-density cores. Loudoun has not studied this; tax districts were not factored into RCLCO’s Dulles Rail Fiscal Impact analysis.
-You may be told these taxes will go away eventually. The promise was made that the Dulles Toll Road tolls would go away. Instead DTR tolls will be soaring to new highs, as these taxes will in the future.
-Creation of a tax district would likely require approval by the Virginia General Assembly, meaning any districts could not go into effect for some time, probably mid-2013 at the earliest, if ever. (waiting for official verification)

-Loudoun’s Supervisors were...

Friday, May 25, 2012

WARNING: Metro = Never Ending Debt and TAXES


Note: The information below represents costs generated by Loudoun which are grossly understated, many costs categories are omitted, and forecast revenue is exaggerated.  

Note: There is no guarantee tax districts will ever be formed or that they could come close to generating enough revenue to protect citizens from being permanent  Metro cash cows.

Note: The fact that NONE of the elaborate and complex preparation to establish tax districts has even begun proves that the offer to do this timed at the last minute, is a cheap attempt to defraud the public.

The ONLY safe course is to first OPT OUT to protect the 99.99% of the people of Loudoun who will see no benefit whatsoever  from Rail. 


Metro to Loudoun At Any Cost? You Will Pay!

Proposed Metro Taxation Scheme

Cost to bring Metrorail two miles past Dulles Airport = $1.5 billion
A combination of these options is being considered by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors: 

Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Tax
$0.10- $0.17 (8%-13.7% increase over $1.235 base rate)

1-Mile Rail District
$0.09- $0.20 (7.2%-16% increase over $1.235 base rate)

2-Mile Rail District
$0.09- $0.21 (7.2%-17% increase over $1.235 base rate)

Countywide Real Property Tax Increase
$0.035 across-the-board property tax increase

Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce on May 23 passed a resolution endorsing the lower-end C&I tax for the County, and the higher-end 1-mile Rail tax district rates. Partial text of their resolution is:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loudoun Opt Out Group EXPELLED

Chairman Scott York Slams Door on Loudoun Opt Out Group 

Hamilton, VA—May 23, 2012

An Informed Public is Dulles Rails Worst Enemy

Last night, near the end of the May 22nd Loudoun Board of Supervisors Dulles Rail finance meeting, Chairman Scott York announced a unique prohibition on distribution of printed material within 40 feet of the meeting entrances of upcoming Dulles Rail Public information sessions and inside the meeting rooms.

David LaRock, speaking on behalf of the Loudoun Opt Out group, calls this “outrageous” and said it is obviously targeted at Opt Opt's efforts to inform the public. “York has chosen to leave the public in the dark for most of his 20 years of involvement with the Dulles Rail project. Now, weeks before a final and permanent decision by Supervisors, it is apparent York wants to stifle release of any information contrary to the County’s benefit-focused views.” LaRock said he objected immediately, “I asked County Attorney Jack Roberts and County Administrator Tim Hemstreet what the legal basis for restricting citizens from interacting with the public was. The response they gave referenced election laws, school policies, and Loudoun policy.” According to LaRock, Hemstreet backed down and quietly rescinded York’s prohibition. If public access to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors 'Public Outreach Sessions' is selectively restricted based on viewpoint and Loudoun citizens are denied access this is a clear 1st Amendment violation. If anyone from Loudoun Opt Out, or any citizen, is denied access, we will seek remedies to protect our 1st Amendment rights. According to LaRock, “There is a pattern of limiting Opt Out’s access to meetings.

Pro-Metro Zone- Others Keep Out

This is similar to an incident that took place at a recent Loudoun Chamber meeting on Dulles Rail where Opt Out representatives were barred from a meeting that was booked as being open-to-the-public." Loudoun Opt Out has led the effort to inform the people of Loudoun on details of this complicated and expensive decision before the approaching July 4th deadline.

David LaRock

Hamilton, Virginia

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ask MWAA to Drop the PLA... How dare you?

Thank you MWAA, for at least being consistent in a world where so few are. You are like the king we don’t have here in America, and kings do what kings feel like doing, consistently.

Whether MWAA is ignoring Virginia’s Right-to-Work Laws or letting a contract to the highest bidder, MWAA is, as the recent IG audit has confirmed, consistent and that is that. Using a union preference fits perfectly with how they operate. The general public wants to assume there should be some pretense of frugality, but kings aren’t frugal because it is not in their nature.

Think about it. The IG is whining about a round trip air fare of $9,200 for MWAA kings. That is a super deal compared to the rumored $200 million/day for our King-in-Chief to travel to India.
Here is the point. When MWAA decided that adding a $500 million union perk to the amount to be borrowed by MWAA as part of the total cost of the rail project, it is perfectly consistent with MWAA's way of doing business. By the time that amount is financed and interest is added, it will amount to the total revenue of many years of Dulles Toll Road income. But don’t waste your breath complaining because MWAA was audited in 2002 by the GAO and guess what, they were kings back then too. Nothing has changed.

"Stupid Potato"

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority consistently has NO adequate checks on how it awards contracts....pays for travel....or checks on the potential conflicts among its members.

Talk about wasteful; hiring a full time IG as has been suggested by Congressman Wolf is wasteful. Would you hire a full time cop to write speeding tickets to diplomats who have diplomatic immunity?

When Congressman Wolf, the DCRA, the IG, the governor, or the Pope tell MWAA what to do... it is a JOKE. MWAA is consistent, they laugh at everyone, they swipe that toll funded credit card to pay for a $200 bottle of wine and a yummy $2000 dinner without a second thought because they are MWAA.
Spending $100’s of thousands extra to hire friends of MWAA is no different than paying $200 for a bottle of wine, so we ought to quit whining and accept our place as subservient cash cows, at least until a real leader rises up and decides to liberate us from this oppression.

"Thank You Toll Road Users"
One last thought is this; I’ll go out on a limb and forecast the obvious. Within two weeks, maybe three, the MWAA Board will meet to announce for the benefit of the Loudoun Supervisors, that the union preference is being dropped.  Just keep in mind that if MWAA decides to revisit the matter in a July meeting, and reinstate the PLA, they will, because they are MWAA.

Tax Pig

Taxpayer advocate

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Letter to Loudoun Supes....from a guy with a tude!

To: "scott york" <>, "eugene delgaudio" <>, "janet clarke" <>, "suzanne volpe" <>, "ralph buona" <>, "shawn williams" <>, "geary higgins" <>, "matt letourneau" <>, "ken reid" <>

Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 10:12:54 AM
Subject: Promotion of Economic Development/The Silver Line is the Scam of the Century!

     The continuing promotion of Economic Development and approval of Loudoun County's forever debt to support the Metro system for the District of Columbia is the biggest scam since a few Developers purchased Manhattan and Long Island from the Indian people for a beaded necklace, a mirror, and an iron frying pan!  Loudoun County Supervisors Scott "Chameleon" York,
Flap-Necked Chameleon (Chamaeleo dilepis), Botswana
( File photo )

Ralph "One Term" Buona, and Shawn "One Term" Williams are pushing for the Silver Line like they have a pot of gold waiting for them at the end of the approval rainbow while Eugene "Waste Fighter" Delgaudio and Ken "Common Sense" Reid are trying their best to truly represent the wishes of the majority of Loudoun County taxpayers.  The rest of the Board of Supervisors is so confused riding the fence at this time that they have splinters from sliding back and forth on the fence top!
      Even though Developers, Real Estate Scammers, and those with a product or service to sell have successfully promulgated the idea that economic development is wonderful for ALL the good people of Loudoun County while reality and common sense tells us that economic development brings with it the need for more schools, more police and fire protection, more road maintenance, and worst of all....expanding County Government and an explosion of Administrative positions over at the Castle in the Broadlands! Folks with no product to services to have a financial gain from...HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN FROM MORE AND MORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN LOUDOUN COUNTY! 

    In the most recent election process Loudoun County taxpayers cleaned house on the Board of Supervisors!  You can bet your last bippy that if the current Board of Supervisors votes to commit Loudoun County to an eternity of higher taxes to fund a metro system to D
Dulles Airport whose main purpose will be to funnel folks from Dulles Airport to downtown D. C., and back and give a big boost to the D. C. Convention trade.  The return on this huge forever investment for the vast majority of our Loudoun County taxpayers will be:
You Need to Buy this Bridge Now
or You Will Lose Trillions!!!!

     It is easy to see why Real Estate Scammers, Investors, Developers, and some local politicians are drooling at the prospect of development all around the Silver Line metro to Dulles Airport.  They ALL have dollar signs fogging their vision for the rest of the good people trying to survive and live in Loudoun County.  Where is there commitment to the rest of us "Little People" and when will they show a little common sense in this decision of the century.
"But it's not our money" BoS

   Guarantee...Spend Now =Taxes Soon!

Our Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will have only "ONE" opportunity to make a historical decision that will impact the lives of ALL Loudoun County citizens forever and that opportunity will be when they vote YES OR NO on Loudoun County's financial entry into the Save D. C. sweepstakes! Will the big spenders of other people's money, i.e., Supervisors York, Buona, and Williams win this one......Or.....will the people's Supervisors Delgaudio and Reid be joined by the wishy washy members of the rest of the Board to ensure financial stability in Loudoun County to vote against the extension of the Silver Line Metro to Dulles Airport?

Lou Gros Louis
This Old Guy at Leisure World

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Is GMU Now the Local Source of Obama-Economics?

"Trust me I work for the developers 
and I want to help them you." S.F.

Letter sent to the faculty of the GMU Economics Department
Is GMU Now the Local Source of Obama-Economics?
Will someone at George Mason please help us before we decide on Metro?
This is the headline of the week;
“Loudoun County Could Lose Billions Without theSilver Line, Study Says"
Is something fishy going on here? Is GMU now the source of a local version of Obama-Economics, all fluff and no meat? When did GMU faculty start offering guaranteed winning lottery tickets payable sometime in the distant future to local municipal governments? Did someone pardon Bernie Madoff and set him up doing business in the area or what?
I am a resident of Loudoun County, I am furious, 
and I would like some answers, please. As you may know, Loudoun is under intense pressure to make a decision that involves huge amounts of money, sums that would cause state and federal branches to take pause. This is serious stuff. Enter stage right, compliments of the local rail station land owners, one of your own, the esteemed Dr. Stephen Fuller. Versions of this headline are everywhere and the pressure on Loudoun Supervisors to cash in on this promise is intense.
So I ask you people of the Economics Department of GMU, the peers of Dr. Fuller, ‘Is this a bona fide study’ or a hack job? Would you bank your economic future on this as Fuller is suggesting the taxpayers of Loudoun should do? Fuller himself says that question is a “No brainer.” I guess he thinks the answer to that is more obvious than I do.
Here is some background. Loudoun has in hand a study from the Robert Charles Lesser Co. (RCLCO), a 210 page presentation, 400 pages of appendices. For some reason the RCLCO people made these statements that are difficult to reconcile with the Fuller claims, 

"Nonetheless, RCLCO has not found any credible evidence to indicate that the extension of rail transit brings new development to an entire region.” RCLCO
  “This greater intensity of development at station areas will come at the expense of slower development elsewhere in the county...” RCLCO (Development shifted but not increased).

In a letter dated February 10th, 2012, Dr. Fuller began his lobbying in a letter to Loudoun Chairman, Scott York. He had this to say,  “All the forecasts for the County’s future economic growth include the provision of Metrorail service.” He continues saying, “In the absence of Metrorail service beyond Dulles Airport, these projections are very different. The “with” and “without” differences are more than significant and easily demonstrate what a great public investment this Metrorail extension is.” Stephen FullerI’m not a PhD, but if all the studies you have considered Metrorail service beyond Dulles Airport, how do you define the outcome projections in “without” scenario? I’ll attach a copy of the letter and the questions I sent to Fuller in response to this letter. I’m not holding my breath waiting for a reply. 
Now I’d like to see if I can persuade you folks to feel some of my pain. Your
GMU vision statement says this:
GMU will -Nurture and support a highly qualified and entrepreneurial faculty that is excellent at teaching, active in pure and applied research, capable of providing a broad range of intellectual and cultural insights, and responsive to the needs of students and their communities.
GMU will -Maintain an international reputation for superior education and public services that affirms its role as the intellectual and cultural nexus among Northern Virginia, the nation and the world.

The GMU Mission Statement sets the bar pretty high. Will you keep it there?
I will say that Fuller did disclose one of his potential conflicts. His bio page reads like a list of who’s who of businesses and entities that might be in line to directly benefit if Loudoun takes his advice. Likewise, GMU appears to also have
Close ties to Cardinal Bank who services the borrowing needs of Comstock Development, a Dulles Rail (proposed) station land owner/developer. GMU should work together with decision makers and businesses in the community, but when it comes to influencing important decisions, credibility is everything. There is a distinct difference between cronyism and corruption, but neither is becoming to an institution that values its good name.

This is a link to Dr. Stephen Fuller’s 14 page “study” from which the spectacular claims that fill local newspaper headlines are taken.

I see little in the way of source material, no explanation of assumptions, no methods, no mention of peer review, nothing that would allow others to verify or refute his opinions.

I personally verified that Dr. Fuller did not take into account the ravages that are pending as Dulles Toll Road tolls, the funding source of Dulles Rail, increase so drastically that it will push our local roads past the limit. I doubt Dr. Fuller took into consideration the effect of tax districts that might be established if Loudoun opts in. For that matter, the study has no mention of costs whatsoever, so it is safe to assume that opportunity costs of tying up vast amounts of capital and the effect it will have on the local economy, has not been considered either.

The proponents of the Silver Line have failed to provide a clear and unambiguous picture of the cost to Loudoun County. The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors has been placed in an awkward position of being pro-business and supporting critical infrastructure while facing a muddled and inequitable role as a participant in the Metro system. Will you help them?

Fuller said developers made a $15,000 contribution for his research to George Mason University. "Well, if you don't like the message you shoot the messenger," Fuller said. "Isn't that always the case?" I don’t want to shoot the messenger, but I sure would like to know if GMU is willing to stand behind his message.

Will someone at George Mason please help us before we decide on Metro?Will you look at Fuller’s study and provide an expert opinion on whether this study and its results should overshadow our other forecasts. Or is this a bad joke that needs to be exposed and discredited before its testimony has its intended effect? It just makes sense to resolve this in-house.

David LaRock

Loudoun County Resident

and proud father of a GMU graduate

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fuller Study EXPOSED

Why does Dr. Stephen Fuller talk so much about benefits to Loudoun he attributes to Dulles Rail?

After being pressed for weeks by Loudoun Opt Out, Fuller decided it was time fess up to the public. I spoke with Fuller as he left the Loudoun Chamber members' and politicians' only event where Fuller presented 14 pages of Dulles Rail predictions. He said he was first approached to produce the summary by Maggie Parker who works for Comstock Development, one of the rail station developers. Fuller was also forthcoming with the amount of the check, $15,000., and that it was written by the Claude Moore Foundation, another rail station landowner. Thank you, Dr. Fuller. I hope you can sleep better now.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"These guys (MWAA) are a disaster” Va Trans. Sec. Canaughton

  1. Pictured above are 7 people who's political bent puts them to the left of President Obama form the left former governor Tim Kaine, Ralph Buona BoS, Dennis Martire LiUNA, Shawn Williams BoS, Scott York, Gerry Connolly, Stephen Fuller academic/lobbyist, employer is kept secret, President Barack Obama  

    Best Metro to Loudoun Quotes from the Week

    "By 2025, with or without rail, not a single car comes off the road." Del. Jim LeMunyon

    “We are actively evaluating whether we can take the project over. These guys (MWAA) are a disaster” VA Sec. of Transportation Sean Canaughton
    "This project comes at a pivotal point as the Obama Administration begins to make vast improvements to our nation's top transit systems" US Sec. of Transportation Ray LaHood

    The Alamo
    What happened a few weeks ago in the quiet town of Lovettsville at the Fire Station? It was a meeting and a conversation about the massive cost of bringing Metro to Loudoun.
    It was like the Alamo, and it will be remembered as the word gets out, because it was there that a small group of dedicated and brave truth-seekers dug in to hold their ground in the war of ideas that is being waged in Northern Virginia over the Metro issue.
    In Lovettsville, that fearless band of men and women armed only with facts and reason pressed hard, pushing back against wasteful spending, against their own local leaders. They were demanding smaller, less intrusive government and freedom from oppressive taxation. They pleaded for relief...but no relief came, and when word of their effort leaked out, the wealthy pro-spending lobbyists pulled in thousands of reserves to snuff out the opposition.