Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Loudoun Get to Know Metro Before Saying "I Do"

Getting to know your new Metro partner: Part 1

Getting to know your new Metro partner: Part 2

Yes, the Metro is the same relic that Loudouners are told is the key to achieving Loudoun's economic destiny. Wow!

We'll need Metro advocate, Dr. Fuller (pronounced full-of-it), to explain how Tysons Corner became the 12th largest employment center in the United States without Metro. Fuller works as an advisor to the development community. Fuller has appeared on the scene recently trying to insert his unsubstantiated opinions by lobbying through Scott York with contrived info-nuggets from a yet-to-be-released study commissioned by we don't know who. Fuller's spectacular claims contradict the clear and credible forecast (RCLCO Study) that is in the hands of Loudoun officials. The Lesser study shows Metro to Loudoun as a financial disaster for Loudouns taxpayers.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Businesses offer No $upport For Metro to Loudoun

Lets be perfectly clear, when the Loudoun business community votes with their checkbooks, guess what they are offering to pay to bring Metro to Loudoun


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Investment Alert: Metroline A Debacle by Design

“...the thing’s gone south"
You can stop it if you call
your Supervisor NOW.
Congressman Frank Wolf sat on the Elizabeth Dole commission, established in 1984, that recommended the creation of MWAA. Led by prominent area residents committed to Northern Virginia's success, Wolf said, the authority’s triumphs, since its creation in 1987, “have been the reason that many of these companies have come to this region.”

But over the last several years, Wolf said, “the thing’s gone south.” Decisions are made in executive session. There’s no transparency. Its membership is no longer dominated by long time Northern Virginians. At Wolf's request, MWAA is being audited by the Office of Inspector General.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Loudoun Supervisors Vote to Raise Tax Rate to $1.40

"I thought Metro was free!"
Sorry if this articles subject line is annoying, but that is what our Supervisors will need to do if they Opt In to Metro because it is not free. I hope that by the time you finish reading this, that annoying feeling is ten times worse.

We have 9 self-proclaimed conservative supervisors currently on the Board. Some understand Metrorail completely, while others are waiting for the final numbers on the most unbelievably expensive scam in the history of Loudoun.

There is no need to wait because the real cost numbers have already been delivered to the last Board of Supervisors on April 15, 2011, in the RCLCO Study that removed any doubt as to how bad  Metrorail is for Loudoun. The study estimates lifecycle costs; that means how much we would pay over time for being Metro's cash cows.