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Who pays for rail to Loudoun? You will, with higher tolls, taxes, and time wasted in traffic.

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Petition Submitted by an Ashburn Resident

Friends & neighbors, please read this important email and pass it on to everyone! Be sure your spouse signs as well if you are in agreement. There is NO time to hesitate.
By this July 4th, the Board of Supervisors will decide whether to create & impose a “2 Mile Special Metro Tax District” which would increase our taxes on TOP of what we are already paying by up to an additional $0.21 per $100 rate on ALL property in the zone!  

That means a house assessed at $500k pays an extra $1050/yr for the next 30+ years, and this can increase as costs mount or if they go over budget & need more to pay for it! The $0.09 rate is for a countywide industrial/commercial rate and not for the 2 mile zone. The 2 Mile Zone is essentially to Belmont Ridge on the west, Ashburn Farm to the North and Ryan to the South.  Comstock and other developers are the ones who are pushing the 2 Mile Zone and Board Supervisors are strongly considering this, despite Residents from all over the county speaking at recent BoS meetings to say how much they want & need the metro.  If metro means this much to our county’s future, then ALL of Loudoun should pay for it!!! 

If you are a business owner, this will have a cumulative effect on you as well. You’ll be taxed for your business as well as your home.
This petition is NOT pro or anti metro, it is simply against the “Special Tax District” which many Board Members feel is the only way to fund, and, pass the Metro. It is outrageous that the BoS wants a very small percentage of us to bear the burden of the cost and spring this on us at the 12th hour after development of the Metro has been decades in the making.

Say “NO!”  by taking this online survey

Additional action:Back it up with an email to all the BoS Members ( ), & CALL Supervisors Shawn Williams & Ralph Buona who represent our neighborhoods. 
For add’l info on how to contact individual members, and information for how to sign up to speak at the next BoS meeting
Rail to Loudoun means higher taxes and tolls and diversion of funds from other priorities.

Phase 2 of Dulles Rail is not getting federal money. Commuters will foot 75 percent of the bill with dramatically higher Toll Road fees. If Loudoun County opts out, MWAA may decide to stop the line at Dulles. This could reduce the cost of the project and the increase in tolls significantly.

At the same time, Metro to Loudoun would siphon off county funds now devoted to roads and schools and other services. Some claim that will not happen but after weeks of budget negotiations to save a few dollars here and there, it is clear that spending hundreds of millions in Metro will reshape spending priorities forever.

All that still won’t prevent dramatic increases in property taxes.
Dulles Rail will still incur a net loss of over $100 million annually for the first 30 years – creating pressure for additional revenues.

Metro to Loudoun simply isn’t needed and costs too much.

Who pays for rail to Loudoun? You will!

It’s not too late for Loudoun County to “Opt Out” and save billions of dollars.

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