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Please ask your Supervisors to Opt Out of Rail to Loudoun

Scott K. York, Chairman At Large                       Janet S. Clarke, Vice Chairman, Blue Ridge District                                      
Suzanne M. Volpe, Algonkian District                   Ralph M. Buona, Ashburn District                       
Shawn M. Williams, Broad Run District                 Geary M. Higgins, Catoctin District                                     
Matthew F. Letourneau, Dulles District                  Kenneth D. Reid, Leesburg District                                       
Eugene A. Delgaudio, Sterling District  

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  1. We can see who the true beneficiaries are in this quagmire. Just as Loudoun retains its title as the most prosperous county in the nation, the developers' knives grow even sharper as they prepare to carve out the value of the land for themselves, leaving the taxpayers holding the bag. Sure, it's inevitable that the region will be overrun sooner or later, but there is a better way to plan the growth and retain the value of our communities. It's hard to envision so many McMansions being plowed under to be replaced by strip malls and 4-story condos, but take a visit to Gaithersburg, the Kentlands, King Farm, etc., and take a drive down I270 during morning rush, and that's what's coming. Will having a metro station in Ashburn make any difference? There are metro stations at Shady Grove and Rockville. Take a ride on the Red Line. Only realize that the Ashburn station riders will go through even more stops, join the Orange Line and thousands of fellow travelers going through Rosslyn into the DC Metro mixing bowl. When all costs are accounted for, how is this better? You're right, moving people is not the point. Moving $Dollars$ around is the point. How much sales tax does Fairfax County recover in retail at Tyson's Corner? How much of any tax does Loudoun expect to get? Maybe a portion of parking fees? Enough to recoup millions of dollars in annual operating expenses and capital investment? And who says it's OK for a resident in Purcellville to pay for escalator maintenance in Chinatown? Opt out, Opt out, Opt out. This is a crap deal and the Loudoun BOS should be fired if it goes any further.