Saturday, April 21, 2012

Metro Math FAILS...It is a Big Loser!

Even Loudoun's Low-ball Estimates Reveal $713 Million Loss on Rail
Note: Based on Loudoun County-released information. Actual costs may double these estimates

Are you listening? Your Taxes WILL go up and stay up to pay for the Metro
Based on the county’s own low-ball guesstimates Metro will cost Loudoun taxpayers $1.2 Billion over the next 28 years.
It will probably be many times more than that amount.

See the full accounting of this black hole of debt spending here.

Please urge Chairman York and Supervisors Clarke, Higgins, Letourneau, Volpe, and Williams to go on-the-record for OPTing OUT. Elected officials can’t commit Loudoun to $1.2 billion in Metro taxes and claim to be ‘fiscal conservatives.’ Ask them why fiscal conservatives favor this kind of BAILOUT.

Don’t just call them once; they need to hear from you once a week until they publicly commit to BAIL on RAIL and avoid this financial disaster!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will Loudoun’s Metro Marriage Go Through?

I need an answer NOW!

Spring is here, romance is in the air, and it would be such a wonderful time to announce that the arranged marriage between Loudoun County and DC Metro will finally happen, and it probably will happen if Loudoun decision makers don’t peek behind the veil before saying, “Yes, I will.” Although the courtship has spanned decades, the moment draws near when Loudoun must choose whether to whisper that final word of acceptance, or denial.

Most people probably know at least a little about Metro, but do we know enough about this persistent suitor? On Wednesday of this week, Metro sat down in Loudoun’s living room to answer some hard questions. Metro ought to be a little uncomfortable because its name has been in the papers quite a bit lately for all the wrong reasons.

You see, Metro appears to have serious character and money problems. Since you, the people of Loudoun, could be part of this marriage, you deserve to know what is going on.

Around 2004, WMATA initiated what was essentially a fund-raising campaign to address an

Friday, April 13, 2012

Metro Violence... Metro Mismanagement...How You Can Protect Loudoun

I hope you are ready to say: "Metro is NOT for Loudoun?"

What you can do:
1. On Tuesday of this week Metro representative will be in Leesburg to meet with Loudoun Supervisors. It will be their opportunity to explain why Loudoun should join into a lifelong partnership with them. On Tuesday, April 17 at 5:30 PM, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will hold a public input session where the public can speak directly to the supervisors.

2. Will you adopt a pig (Tax Pig) so Loudoun doesn’t (Metro)? Tax Pig needs to get out to help us win this. Can he come to your yard for a day, or a week? He loves high traffic streets where people can see his Metro Message. Contact us at (Tax is house trained)

3. Call the Opt-Out Hotline (540) 751-8237 and tell Scott York and the rest of the Board of Supervisors we don't want to pay for this boondoggle. No Metro Taxes!

4. Contact us at  leave your mailing address, and we'll get you a "No Metro Tax" bumper sticker or yard sign to spread the word about our efforts.


 WMATA/Metro is a comedy of errors, but not funny if you are the victim. These stories are from just the last few days. They should give a sense that Metro is in rough shape and is not a suitable business partner for Loudoun to bet it's future on.

D.C. Escalator Nightmare    click here to see the video 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Most Senseless Transportation Project Ever?

...but Dulles Rail is the sweetest of real estate deals for a few influential land owners. When too much money gets in the hands of a few powerful elected people, the taxpayers get fleeced.

A little more history. Rail to Dulles was always contemplated. A wide median was left in the middle of the Airport Access Road (AAR) to accommodate rail. The original plan was to build rail solely in that median, with various stops along the way, including one at Tysons. There was concern the area to be served by rail was not dense enough to support heavy rail. To address that issue and also to enrich Tysons landowners, the plan was modified to run rail through Tysons with three stations being built. (Then chairman of the Fairfax County BoS and SAIC employee, Gerry Connolly, had the plan modified to add a 4th station stop in front of SAIC’s Tysons building.) But this left the "Who will pay for it?" unresolved.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Violence and Getting to Know Metro

KHH from Middleburg facebook comment:

  "I grew up outside of Philly, in Cherry Hill NJ. People were thrilled when the train crossed the river into our town...until everyone living near the stops were being robbed during the day...things that could easily be carried, money, jewelry, etc. that were found in homes. Be careful!"

Real Life Violence may be one reason why so few people actually ride Metro.

What is the allure of Metro? Maybe some think it will make us more like Paris or Singapore. But in reality, the Washington Merto is anything but romantic, unless your idea of romance is being trapped in a closed space with a bunch of thugs who know they have power over you. The link below gives an account of this happening recently to a DC Metro rider. This is probably a unique occurrence, right?