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David LaRock 703 297 7444

Daniel Davies 317 508 3612

Thomas Cranmer is an expert in evaluation of major project economic feasibility and financing.  He was a planner and a treasurer for Mobil Oil for thirty years and has been an international consultant on large projects for ten years, including management of the $12 billion oil, gas and electricity reconstruction operations in Iraq for the US State Department
Steve Stockman ,  Loudoun resident, attorney, Loudoun business owner, former member of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors
Rob Martin,  an economist, worked for the former Urban Mass Transit Administration (now Federal Transit Administration), worked in the Office of Policy on new starts, managed a study on the building a rail line to Dulles using private financing,  worked in the Federal Railroad Administration on a variety of economic issues until retiring 

David Dickinson, first became involved with the Silver Line development when he attended a community interest meeting 8 years ago. Since then, he has been following the issue and, particularly, the financial aspects of the Metro extension. He is keenly interested in how Loudoun County proposes to pay for its portion of the Metro extension. David has a Masters degree in Public Administration from George Mason University. Currently, he is a business development consultant for a firm in Loudoun County. He, his wife, and 6 children live in Leesburg.

Jeanine Martin,   Loudoun resident, community activist, blogger
Rose Ellen Ray,  Loudoun resident, retired economist
Sally Mann,  Loudoun resident, retired land use attorney
John Grigsby,  taxpayer activist with loudountaxpayer.com
Stephanie Stockman, graduate of College of Charleston BA political Science, masters in Human Rights and International Politics, Univ. Glasgow
Daniel Davies,  Loudoun resident, grassroots activist
David LaRock,  Loudoun resident and business owner

Tax Pig, Loudoun resident and public relations liason, consumer advocate

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