A Traffic Solution?

Rail to Loudoun won’t help our traffic and congestion problems … it will make them worse.

Dulles Rail will bring more development, more people and more congestion to our area and intensify pressure to develop western Loudoun.

But it will not reduce congestion on any of the area's main transportation arteries, according to the project's own Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS):
(Click on photo for larger version)

That table doesn't take increased tolls on the Dulles Toll Road into account. Jim Burton, Former Loudoun Supervisor is right when he says:

 “The funding still depends far too much on rising Dulles toll road revenues, which will mean more commuters … will drop off the toll road, saturate our side roads, and we'll be left with some other way to try to bail out financially.” 

Here's what MWAA says will happen to Toll Road traffic when the tolls double Jan. 1, 2013:
(Click on photo for larger version)

Yes, 18% of Toll Road users moving off the toll road onto local roads in 2013, a full five years before Phase 2 is sheduled to begin service. That's from an official MWAA (operators of the Toll Road and managers of the Silver Line project) document.

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