Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Letter to Loudoun Supes....from a guy with a tude!

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Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 10:12:54 AM
Subject: Promotion of Economic Development/The Silver Line is the Scam of the Century!

     The continuing promotion of Economic Development and approval of Loudoun County's forever debt to support the Metro system for the District of Columbia is the biggest scam since a few Developers purchased Manhattan and Long Island from the Indian people for a beaded necklace, a mirror, and an iron frying pan!  Loudoun County Supervisors Scott "Chameleon" York,
Flap-Necked Chameleon (Chamaeleo dilepis), Botswana
( File photo )

Ralph "One Term" Buona, and Shawn "One Term" Williams are pushing for the Silver Line like they have a pot of gold waiting for them at the end of the approval rainbow while Eugene "Waste Fighter" Delgaudio and Ken "Common Sense" Reid are trying their best to truly represent the wishes of the majority of Loudoun County taxpayers.  The rest of the Board of Supervisors is so confused riding the fence at this time that they have splinters from sliding back and forth on the fence top!
      Even though Developers, Real Estate Scammers, and those with a product or service to sell have successfully promulgated the idea that economic development is wonderful for ALL the good people of Loudoun County while reality and common sense tells us that economic development brings with it the need for more schools, more police and fire protection, more road maintenance, and worst of all....expanding County Government and an explosion of Administrative positions over at the Castle in the Broadlands! Folks with no product to services to have a financial gain from...HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN FROM MORE AND MORE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN LOUDOUN COUNTY! 

    In the most recent election process Loudoun County taxpayers cleaned house on the Board of Supervisors!  You can bet your last bippy that if the current Board of Supervisors votes to commit Loudoun County to an eternity of higher taxes to fund a metro system to D
Dulles Airport whose main purpose will be to funnel folks from Dulles Airport to downtown D. C., and back and give a big boost to the D. C. Convention trade.  The return on this huge forever investment for the vast majority of our Loudoun County taxpayers will be:
You Need to Buy this Bridge Now
or You Will Lose Trillions!!!!

     It is easy to see why Real Estate Scammers, Investors, Developers, and some local politicians are drooling at the prospect of development all around the Silver Line metro to Dulles Airport.  They ALL have dollar signs fogging their vision for the rest of the good people trying to survive and live in Loudoun County.  Where is there commitment to the rest of us "Little People" and when will they show a little common sense in this decision of the century.
"But it's not our money" BoS

   Guarantee...Spend Now =Taxes Soon!

Our Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will have only "ONE" opportunity to make a historical decision that will impact the lives of ALL Loudoun County citizens forever and that opportunity will be when they vote YES OR NO on Loudoun County's financial entry into the Save D. C. sweepstakes! Will the big spenders of other people's money, i.e., Supervisors York, Buona, and Williams win this one......Or.....will the people's Supervisors Delgaudio and Reid be joined by the wishy washy members of the rest of the Board to ensure financial stability in Loudoun County to vote against the extension of the Silver Line Metro to Dulles Airport?

Lou Gros Louis
This Old Guy at Leisure World

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