Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loudoun Opt Out Group EXPELLED

Chairman Scott York Slams Door on Loudoun Opt Out Group 

Hamilton, VA—May 23, 2012

An Informed Public is Dulles Rails Worst Enemy

Last night, near the end of the May 22nd Loudoun Board of Supervisors Dulles Rail finance meeting, Chairman Scott York announced a unique prohibition on distribution of printed material within 40 feet of the meeting entrances of upcoming Dulles Rail Public information sessions and inside the meeting rooms.

David LaRock, speaking on behalf of the Loudoun Opt Out group, calls this “outrageous” and said it is obviously targeted at Opt Opt's efforts to inform the public. “York has chosen to leave the public in the dark for most of his 20 years of involvement with the Dulles Rail project. Now, weeks before a final and permanent decision by Supervisors, it is apparent York wants to stifle release of any information contrary to the County’s benefit-focused views.” LaRock said he objected immediately, “I asked County Attorney Jack Roberts and County Administrator Tim Hemstreet what the legal basis for restricting citizens from interacting with the public was. The response they gave referenced election laws, school policies, and Loudoun policy.” According to LaRock, Hemstreet backed down and quietly rescinded York’s prohibition. If public access to the Loudoun Board of Supervisors 'Public Outreach Sessions' is selectively restricted based on viewpoint and Loudoun citizens are denied access this is a clear 1st Amendment violation. If anyone from Loudoun Opt Out, or any citizen, is denied access, we will seek remedies to protect our 1st Amendment rights. According to LaRock, “There is a pattern of limiting Opt Out’s access to meetings.

Pro-Metro Zone- Others Keep Out

This is similar to an incident that took place at a recent Loudoun Chamber meeting on Dulles Rail where Opt Out representatives were barred from a meeting that was booked as being open-to-the-public." Loudoun Opt Out has led the effort to inform the people of Loudoun on details of this complicated and expensive decision before the approaching July 4th deadline.

David LaRock

Hamilton, Virginia

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