Friday, May 18, 2012

Ask MWAA to Drop the PLA... How dare you?

Thank you MWAA, for at least being consistent in a world where so few are. You are like the king we don’t have here in America, and kings do what kings feel like doing, consistently.

Whether MWAA is ignoring Virginia’s Right-to-Work Laws or letting a contract to the highest bidder, MWAA is, as the recent IG audit has confirmed, consistent and that is that. Using a union preference fits perfectly with how they operate. The general public wants to assume there should be some pretense of frugality, but kings aren’t frugal because it is not in their nature.

Think about it. The IG is whining about a round trip air fare of $9,200 for MWAA kings. That is a super deal compared to the rumored $200 million/day for our King-in-Chief to travel to India.
Here is the point. When MWAA decided that adding a $500 million union perk to the amount to be borrowed by MWAA as part of the total cost of the rail project, it is perfectly consistent with MWAA's way of doing business. By the time that amount is financed and interest is added, it will amount to the total revenue of many years of Dulles Toll Road income. But don’t waste your breath complaining because MWAA was audited in 2002 by the GAO and guess what, they were kings back then too. Nothing has changed.

"Stupid Potato"

The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority consistently has NO adequate checks on how it awards contracts....pays for travel....or checks on the potential conflicts among its members.

Talk about wasteful; hiring a full time IG as has been suggested by Congressman Wolf is wasteful. Would you hire a full time cop to write speeding tickets to diplomats who have diplomatic immunity?

When Congressman Wolf, the DCRA, the IG, the governor, or the Pope tell MWAA what to do... it is a JOKE. MWAA is consistent, they laugh at everyone, they swipe that toll funded credit card to pay for a $200 bottle of wine and a yummy $2000 dinner without a second thought because they are MWAA.
Spending $100’s of thousands extra to hire friends of MWAA is no different than paying $200 for a bottle of wine, so we ought to quit whining and accept our place as subservient cash cows, at least until a real leader rises up and decides to liberate us from this oppression.

"Thank You Toll Road Users"
One last thought is this; I’ll go out on a limb and forecast the obvious. Within two weeks, maybe three, the MWAA Board will meet to announce for the benefit of the Loudoun Supervisors, that the union preference is being dropped.  Just keep in mind that if MWAA decides to revisit the matter in a July meeting, and reinstate the PLA, they will, because they are MWAA.

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