Friday, June 1, 2012

The Letourneau Plan - NO TAXES - CUT SERVICES

Quote of the Day: "I believe in the power of free markets to create jobs and generate growth." Supervisor Matt Letourneau

Matt, we Need Some Answers NOW..what will you cut?

Supervisor Matt Letourneau's Plan to Fund Metro
" ...the county does not necessarily have to increases taxes to pay for the project.  At the end of the day, five of us have to decide that this is a project worth doing as a county,’’ he said. “And if we believe that, then we can find a way to make it work without really impacting the tax rate.” he said.
Since Matt may not plan to provide specifics on the what-where-when of this cost cutting exercise, we thought we should get the conversation going now.

Question: How do you increase spending by at least $30-$50 million a year in taxpayer  dollars and not raise taxes?

Answer: Matt has the answer. Cut spending... more than the Supervisors have already cut spending, a lot more.


Good luck folks.
The battle of the red shirts is coming.
Matt, we've heard a rumor that schools will get whacked first and hardest as you propose to remove forever all non-essential public school programs, like school sports and special education.
Question: Is this true? 

Matt, my source said...
that school sports, Foreign Language for Elementary Schools (FLES),  AP testing , and athletics are non-essential.
Question: Will these be cut or eliminated altogether?

Also rolling around is the idea that you will propose a freeze on all county salaries. OK that might get the cost cutting started but Metro is one awfully big money pit, and Metro workers are getting pay raises that somebody will need to fund.
Question: Is this true? 


If all this is not true Matt, please tell us exactly which services you WILL cut and how deep. We need specifics, we want numbers sir, not "Hope and Change."  Matt, surely you will spread the cutbacks around so that schools aren't the only target for massive Metro-induced cuts.

Question: Is it true you have decided that we don't need as many policemen, firefighters, librarians, school teachers, coaches, mental health workers, substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation programs, etc.?

Buses are very popular and almost all funding scenarios proposed by Loudoun staff show bus money going to Metro.

Question: Will buses be phased out or will you be cutting other programs to pay for the ever increasing demand for comfy buses that have cushy seats (unlike the stand up only rail/cattle cars).

Matt, we all know parks, libraries, and continued Lyme disease remediation may need to go.

Question: Where, when, how much?


Matt, obviously committing monies on this scale to Metro will signal a priority shift away from long awaited, crucial road improvements.

Question: Will you be asking the State to increase funding for Metro and expect less $$$ for critical road improvements?


..and if we believe that, then we can find a way..."

Matt, if you want us to believe you can find a way, we need some specific us the fat, BEFORE you vote for Metro.

Please reply to: 

Tax Pig

Public Advocate

PS  Matt, one more question, do you really expect to run again as a fiscal this universe?

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