Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ashburn 2 Mile Tax Update Thursday, 6-21

Ashburn Update Tuesday 6-19: The Tax Pig, Opt Out and David LaRock were chastised and called liars on Tuesday evening by the Three Blank Check Boys; Buona, Williams, and Letourneau, for informing their constituents that Ashburn and Broadlands are the ground zero of the tax zone. They swore no 2-mile tax zone; it is gone they said. 

Ashburn Update Wednesday, 6-20: Tax Pig was on location at Cascades Senior Center for Tim Hemstreet and Suzanne Volpe's Metro presentation. In the 22-page summary/handout, 

THE dreaded 2-MILE ZONE IS BACK. It was one of only two funding scenarios in the presentation.  You can't have it both ways now Blank Check Boys; Buona, Williams, and Letourneau. Ashburn BEWARE.

Ashburn Update Thursday, 6-21: from Ralph Buona mass email:
"There is not going to be a 2-mile tax district and the Board of Supervisors never gave it any serious consideration. Some hard-core rail opponents having been putting flyers on doors all over Ashburn trying to scare people to believe there will be a 2-mile tax district. Supervisor Williams and I have constructed a tax district that focuses on the areas very close to the actual proposed rail stations and based upon the way we've drawn the lines, it excludes virtually ALL residential properties"

Bouna Fact Check: Tax Pig and the Opt Out group saw that Ralph, Matt, and Shawn were considering placing the tax burden right on the backs of those whose taxes they promised to lower. We alerted Ashburn and Broadlands  before they got away with it. The 2-mile ground zero district is a very real scenario, and it can be chosen at ANY time. It was shown to the people of Cascades less than 24 hours after The Blank Check Boys denied it exists. Do they think the Tax Pig prints the presentations and puts maps up on the County website? Go see it and decide whether you can trust people who deny their own information. 

Ashburn Update Thursday, 6-21: from Ralph Bouna mass email: 

"I firmly believe the Board can finance this project without an increase in the tax burden on residents. We are considering a mix of a commercial and industrial tax (C&I) and one or more special tax districts surrounding the planned stops."
Fact Check: Over half the land in Loudoun falls into a category that may be taxed by a Commercial Industrial Tax, including many rural residents.

David LaRock

Loudoun Opt Out Group

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