Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Blank Check Boys - Identity Crisis Alert!

 "I honestly don’t know who we think we are.” 
Ralph Buona Mon. 6-18 Metro work session

Best Quote from Ralph Buona: speaking about the Higgins initiative that actually asks for some reasonable concessions before handing over direct withdrawl access to MWAA and Metro. Bouna says, 
“I was stunned. Most of these things are not within the control or purview of the board,” Buona said. “Some of these require action from Congress, the General Assembly, MWAA, WMATA, private property owners, the governor. I honestly don’t know who we think we are.”
Well Ralph please don't be timid because if you  CANNOT control it then you CANNOT accept the shaky proposal. 

These people do know who they are and they remember why they were elected. They are starting to hit their stride... standing up as responsible leaders should, asking for:

  • Toll relief for Loudoun commuters
  • Transparency and Accountability by MWAA 
  • Access to the Dulles Access Road for buses,
  • Control of parking garages that Loudoun may pay to build
  • Accurate parking and ridership data, 
  • A commitment of train schedules 
  • Guarantee not to reinstate the PLA,
  • Some control over new Metro projects spending that Loudoun will be asked to pay for,
  • Time to nail down funding methods, 
  • Protection from cost overruns

File photo: The Blankcheck BoysBuona, Williams, Letourneau
Coming Soon: Where is Suzanne Volpe?

Funding Update From the Blank Check Boys: Say just trust us, opt in, and we MIGHT be able to get almost enough $$$$ form the business owners near the airport, and a COUNTY WIDE TAX (as per Bouna) if business owners agree to pay out of the kindness of their hearts so taxpayers won't have to.

Happy days ahead: Bush tax cuts expiring the same time the Tolls go up, the new Loudoun Taxes will start, and Traffic moves off the Toll Road... hello Blank Check Boys, Buona, Williams, Letourneau, where are you? Who do you think you are? Where are the people you were when we elected you?

David LaRock

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