Saturday, June 23, 2012

$600 Million Bonus If Loudoun Opts Out of Metro - Pay $0... Risk 0...

Loudoun Board of Supervisors: Public Input
July 2 (Monday) 6:00pm
Board Room, 1 Harrison St, Leesburg

Opt Out and Loudoun Gets a $600 Million Bonus When Metro Comes to Dulles Airport
  • $600 Million in new revenue is forecasted from development around the Rt. 28, Rt. 606, and Rt. 772 station areas with rail ending at Dulles Airport. Loudoun can use this revenue for road improvements, schools, buses, and parks
  • Loudoun can expand commuter and local bus service as needed
  • Parking garage and bus dropoffs at the Rt. 28 station provide convenient access from Loudoun
  • If Loudoun Opts Out, less rail is built and that should reduce future toll hikes
  • Without paying for Metro, financing is made available for roads like Rt. 606, Rt. 7 and Rt. 50, and for schools, parks, and things that improve your quality of life
Opt In and You Will Get Buried in Debt and Taxes
  • Currently, Loudoun lacks a way to fund Rail. Special Tax Districts are proposed, but may fall through, shifting ALL the $1.5 billion expense to homeowners and businesses
  • Residential development at Rt. 772 terminal means massive needs for costly new roads, schools and other government services
  • Without federal funding, tolls will increase rapidly to fund Phase 2 of Dulles Rail
  • Rail will take much of Loudoun’s transportation funding, including gas taxes, for at least 30 years. Much-needed road improvements may be postponed indefinitely
  • Current  commuter and local bus funding will be shifted to funding the entire Metro system

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