Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's Not to Love About Metro?

According to WaPo:

Rebellion on the Green Line: Passengers flee stalled Metro train

It was getting to be stifling hot in the Metrorail cars stuck between Prince George’s Plaza and College Park on Tuesday night. With no power on the Green Line train, there was no air conditioning.
And even more upsetting, there seemed to be no plan to get passengers off the train.

According to Passengers:

From Unsuck Metro

So ol' Dan "the stesseler" Stessel told the Post the "self evacuation" (Please. Isn't there a better term?) was the riders' call.

This will really be fun when a train stalls on elevated track over Tysons in the winter at night. "Just jump grama, I'll catch you."

Power Outage Forces Metro Passengers To Walk The Tracks
see video here


A Metro train derailed at the West Hyattsville Station and passengers had to be evacuated during Friday afternoon’s rush hour.

The derailment was reported on the Green Line around 4:45 p.m. Metro officials said. The last three cars of the train derailed as the train was going through an underground tunnel, according to Prince George’s County fire department spokesman Mark Brady.

Those Loudoun Transit buses are looking better all the time.

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