Monday, July 23, 2012

“Nickled and dimed to death at the toll booth,”


Northern Virginia motorists are being “nickled and dimed to death at the toll booth,” Mid-Atlantic AAA charged today, calling the $6 billion construction of Metro’s Silver Line and the tolls that are financing it, a “silver bullet” aimed at the heart of motorists and consumers.

Why urban rail won't go to the airport any time soon

The emails, a handful, arrived shortly after the City of Austin unveiled the recommended routes for the first and second phase of urban rail, the city's name for its proposed light rail or "modern streetcar" system.
How, the emailers asked, can the city NOT build the very first line to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport? Building rail between downtown and the airport, they said — echoing something I've heard from readers often in the past — would be an "obvious link" for rail.
Well, it's not that obvious, and one only has to look at urban passenger rail systems across the country to see that. Many of them don't have lines to airports, including Dallas, Houston, Denver, San Diego, Oakland and Pittsburgh.

Dulles Toll Road costs to rise next year

The price of a round-trip ride on the Dulles Toll Road could rise by $1 next year and go as high as $9 by 2015.
The airports authority in charge of the Dulles Toll Road gave preliminary approval to toll increases Wednesday as part of its effort to fund Metro's $6 billion Silver Line to Washington Dulles International Airport.

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