Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time to "Get Smart" With Transportation

Smart Decisions
 Will Make Traffic Better!
If you want to relieve the worst traffic in the nation during tough economic times, you had better be smart about it.
As you may know, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties are wheeling and dealing on the proposed Phase 2 extension to Dulles Airport, “and beyond” as Buzz Light Year says.
What many people are learning is that there is a long list of serious concerns about this project. The biggest is undoubtedly the humungous cost to build and maintain, and the second is that it will make traffic much worse.
So why are our elected leaders even considering it? Good question.
If you care to know nothing else here are a few bullet points to consider.
·         Studies on this specific project admit rail will not relieve traffic congestion.
·         The current funding plan has Dulles Toll Road (DTR) users as the “Cash Cow” for the project,  that will make DTR tolls soar.
·         Common sense and various studies conclude higher tolls will push a huge percent of current DTR users back onto other roads, which will increase traffic congestion.
·         Just to make the integrity of this Phase 2 Project crystal clear, its planners insist on jacking up the costs by hundreds of millions of dollars as a perk to unions. And by-the-way, this arrangement will exclude 96% of Virginia contractors from working on the project. That sweet deal for unions, is called a Planned Labor Agreement, (PLA).
There are far better ways to improve traffic that cost far less than rail and are considerably more efficient. So next time you're parked in traffic, give a little thought to the idea that there are ways out of this mess, IF, our elected leaders will be smart about how they spend our money.
David LaRock

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