Saturday, October 8, 2011

Delgaudio Opposes Taxpayer Funding of Dulles Rail

Eugene Delgaudio at Sterlingfest 2011

Eugene Delgaudio, a Republican Serving the area of Sterling for 12 years, is hoping to serve his community for another four. Based on his answers to questions posed to the three candidate in the Sterling district, on the costs of the Rail extension to Dulles,  Delgaudio said he hopes to privatize public transit so  residents can get it “cheaply, efficiently and quickly.” When it comes to Dulles Rail, he continues to oppose it.

Delgaudio also said, “As far as Metro is concerned, I think Metro is similarly a waste of money. If my focus is to go after waste and abuse and to be defending efficiency and government, I think that the whole topic of Dulles Rail is a boondoggle in the sense that look at the return,” Delgaudio said. “They are just told to pay for services they don’t get because they’re driving a car.”

Eugene Delgaudio has a very unique ability to spot a scam by looking past the carrot on the stick to see what is really going on. Even more unique is his willingness to represent his people’s best interests regardless of whether it is popular or not. His position on Rail to Dulles reflects this.

While many candidates and voters think a choo-choo train to the airport would be great, Eugene Delgaudio seems to realize this project isn’t a freebee.  There is an abundance of information showing that this project would have little or no benefit to businesses and it would cause a huge spike up in Dulles Toll Road tolls which would then force many commuters back onto roads ...and that spells MORE traffic.

County property taxes and business would likely shoot up to pay for Rail.  And by the way, tucked away in this Rail project is a $300 million union payoff called a Planned Labor Agreement (PLA). The information is there, all you need to do is go online to look at the Market and Fiscal Impact Analysis of the Phase 2 Metrorail Extension to Loudoun County Loudoun County | May 26, 2011  

Comments from the two other candidates  focused only on the promised benefits, not the costs. 

“ (Ali) Shahriari also wants Dulles Rail to extend as far as possible...”  

That’s a great idea but “Hello” Ali, where is the money coming from, have you heard that the Federal Government wants the local people to be the cash – cow for this.

Al Nevarez says,
 “Dulles Rail is our future. I think that we need to make sure it gets out here as soon as possible and it’s implemented in its full state,”

 Al appears to be clueless and has apparently bought the Rail scam hook line and sinker. He ought to wake up and realize that one of the big “economic opportunities” Rail brings is for the opportunity for criminals to commute from the cities out to the suburbs as they do on other rail lines.
My best guess is that Delgaudio "gets it" because he has the depth and experience. He has spotted this scheme as an ineffective, expensive “boondoggle” that will hurt, not improve the region.  

Hopefully Delgaudio will be re-elected and then help convince other Board members that extending Rail to Dulles and into Loudoun is a hugely expensive, utterly unnecessary burden to put on the backs of taxpayers. 
 David LaRock 

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